Rohan Map Mod Isengard

Helm's Deep Last Hope (HDLH) is a mod for Battle for Middle Earth 2 (BfME2). The mod is currently being developed and the release date is uncertain at this point in time. The main features in HDLH include:

  • Brand new and completely revamped Helm's Deep map (started with EA's original Helm's Deep map)

  • Unique Rohan and Isengard factions specific to the Helm's Deep map

  • Beautifully scripted cinematic scenes to give the player "movie type" scenes

  • New units, heroes, abilities, and spellbook powers

  • Custom made and high quality models, skins, fx, and button images

  • Custom audio and images from The Two Towers movie

  • Custom camera system to allow close-up action

  • Brand new singleplayer mode with many challenging objectives and goals (can play as Rohan or Isengard)

  • Multiplayer mode for online play

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