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Helm's Deep Keep and Gate

         Most of the Arcade work was made by me. I took EA's original Arcade model and heavily modified it. The Arcade is now much deeper and entirely accurate to the movie version. Units can walk inside the Arcade and also between the pillar spaces (geometry coding was not fun for this structure at all). The Arcade was also remapped and the texture made mostly by me (I used a stone base provided by EA but added all the shadows, highlights, modifications, etc.). The Arcade is now a non-selectable structure that cannot be attacked. In image four, you will notice that the roof and arches are see through. There is a spell book power that allows the player to make the arcade and mountains transparent (the player can also revert back to the non-transparent version anytime). This will allow for easier viewing during the heat of battle.

         The Arcade gate was made almost entirely by me. The only part that is not mine is the generic door model provided by EA and parts of the opening animation. Everything else including the two skins (one on each side of gate), gate additions (wood board and metal holders), animations for the gate additions, and the destruction animation was made by me. The gate can only be attacked by a battering ram and is the entrance to the interior section. The destruction animation (seen in the video link below) is exactly how the gate breaks in the movie. The skins also closely resemble the movie.

Arcade Gate Animation Videos

Arcade 1 Arcade 2 Arcade 3 Arcade 4 Arcade 5 Arcade 6 Arcade 7 Arcade 8 Arcade 9

Helm's Deep Interior Walls

         This is the beginning work on the interior walls of Helm's Deep. Right now, I have the basic layout put together. Accessories and Worldbuilder textures have not been worked on yet so focus on the walls for right now. There are ten unique wall models for the interior structure. The original texture and model base was provided by EA and I significantly modified both to further fit my needs.

Interior Wall 1 Interior Wall 2 Interior Wall 3 Interior Wall 4 Interior Wall 5 Interior Wall 6

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